Sale Dates - January to June 2017

Tenterfield Sale Yards
Proposed Cattle Sale Dates
July to December 2017



Fat Sales - 11.30 am


                   July                                   August                        September
                Monday 3rd                     Monday 14th                    Monday 11th  
                Monday 24th                   Monday 28th                    Monday 25th
                  October                        November                 December    
                Monday 9th                    Monday 6th                Monday 4th   
                Monday 23rd                  Monday 20th              Monday 11th
                                       Store Sales - Following Fat Sales
                                             Monday 14th August
                                             Monday 11th September
                                            Monday 9th October
                                            Monday 6th November
                                           Monday 4th December


* Cattle Sale Dates Are Dependent on Numbers*

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